Edition Info

Limited Edition Prints
By declaring that an image is being released as a Limited Edition, we are formally stating that prints of a particular size and type will only ever be printed in that specific quantity. Due  to the limited nature of these prints and our unique pricing structure, they will have a tendency to increase in value.

Each print in the limited editions will be hand-numbered and signed.  A small number of Artist’s Proofs will be produce, the maximum number of artist’s proofs to be printed is 10% of the edition size.  Artist’s proofs are not part of the number edition and tend to have a higher value then the Limited Edition Prints.

Once an edition sells out, we will never print that edition again.  We may elect to issue an image in a significantly different size or substrate, but we will never print beyond the declared edition size.  Maintaining this discipline is a legally binding obligation that we respect.

Open Edition Prints 
Open Edition prints are those that are not numbered. Further, the artist can print as many prints as they desire. Due to their endless supply, open edition prints rarely, if ever, increase in value.

We Start the pricing for each edition below the typical market price for Limited Edition Fine-art work. However, as the edition sells down, the prices increase.  

Once a specified percentage of the addition has sold, the price for the remaining prints will continue to increase.  Example: after the first 20 of 100 available prints in the 13″ x 20″ edition have sold, the price will increase from $175 to $210.